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In order to guarantee excellent product quality, the assembly of the hub bearings of the slicers requires the utmost attention and precision and is therefore expensive.
At & nbsp; F.A.C. Srl (Cavaria Slicers Factory) & nbsp; this operation required long times as it was performed manually in 5 different phases (application of two bearings, two seeger and the shaft with a very strict interposition tolerance) in one point quite uncomfortable (using a manual rocker).

How we solved these technical problems:

presses and presses

At first glance, the use of a press was too risky for the integrity of the bearing.
The high speed made it impossible to position correctly while the variation of power along the stroke did not guarantee an impeccable assembly.
Furthermore, the wide range and variety of FAC models required the use of a machine with very wide light.

We therefore decided to tackle the problem on three different directions:

  • Acting on the motor to reduce press cycle time from 0.33 to 0.66 seconds, and at the same time applying a & nbsp; constant torque increase </ strong> & nbsp; and a decrease in inertia. </ li>
  • Obtaining a very precise orthogonal centering in the bearing seat by means of a & nbsp; preloading of the thrust mandrel </ strong> & nbsp; by means of a spring. </ li>
  • Where the closure was on particular alignments not all the same and in tolerance, to avoid an otherwise too complicated adjustment, building under the machine a small & nbsp; table with 12 mm stroke </ strong>, adjustable to the hundredth of millimeter and simply. </ li>
    </ Ul>
    In order to use the press on different models of slicer, we have chosen a model of & nbsp; flexible press </ strong>, the NCP 30 MBR, as it allows us to easily calibrate the light as needed.


    presses and presses

    A single tightening cycle has replaced an assembly phase that previously took place in five steps with considerable savings in terms of time and costs and with a sure improvement of the precision, therefore of the quality of slicers.