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Manual press for bearing assembly

Manual rack press for mounting roller bearings

Inserting both bearings into small and medium-sized rollers in the correct position is a common problem in many assembly areas, where this operation occurs very frequently and with quantities greater than a few units. Mazzetta and a little ‘experience are the tools to be used so that the bearings are housed correctly, without deformation that compromise the functionality. This operation also requires an unquantifiable time.
Our simultaneous assembly of bearings, also characterized by registers that determine the right position of the same in the roller and its central shaft, is absolutely manual and can facilitate, in many cases, this operation. The push function is carried out by a rack system whose stroke, determined by the customer’s needs (up to 200-250 mm.), Allows to mount bearings even where the shaft exits a quota considerable.

The modularity of the structure allows us to build the equipment in such a way as to allow the customer to assemble the widest possible range, both in length and diameter of the roller.

Case history: troubleshooting

In this section, We take part in our successes by telling you how we have analyzed in a more specific way the characteristics of some projects, finding new technological solutions to improve products and production processes and trying to make it clear what is good or not good of that determined project.

Case history: bearing assembly

Case history: applications

Case history: bearing assembly

machine for mounting bearings oleodynamic & nbsp; is ideal for those looking for a simple and robust machine that guarantees to work in extreme safety.
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