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ECO 50

Versatile and innovative presses

Poe 50

Robust and practical

G40 G80 CE

Ready for industry 4.0


Giani Davide officina meccanica produces presses and presses for riveting, crimping, punching, cutting, printing, crimping and for small assembly. The range includes: toggle press, manual beading machine, electromechanical and hydraulic presses, both manual and automatic, punching machines for paper converting, graphics and leather goods and corner machines for paper and cardboard.
Each model has specific characteristics it can be modified uponrequest by the customer.

New G40CE

The evolution of our presses

more precise
more performing
ready for industry 4.0!

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Poe50 5 ton

Press innovative,ideal for multiple uses and easy maintenance.
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Eco50 10 ton

Versatile and innovative presses, ideal for multiple uses and easy maintenance.

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Pressolina 3 ton.










Manually operated, from 6 mm to 45 mm workingstroke, easy to adjust and suitable

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Toggle presses, buttoning machines and manual eyelets

Our range of manual toggle presses and moulders  guarantees long life, efficiency and flexibility. Includes two different types of presses: with & nbsp; adjustable head (PGMR),  and to fixed head  (PGMF).


Presses for laboratories

PIRELLI generale1mod

Products for testing materials in laboratories, customizable.

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Bearing assembly


Automate processes, the first rule to save time and costs…

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Automate processes, the first rule to save time and costs…

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Eccentric presses


Electromechanical presses, suitable for any mold, modular and easy to approach.

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Special presses


Manual and automatic presses customized for every need.

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NCP from 1,5 to 15t.


Riveting, crimping, punching, cutting, printing, small and large assembly.

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POE50 manual

POE50 015-home

Economical and versatile machine, ideal for small pressing and gluing operations

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