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TUVThe new series of electromechanical presses with eccentric G80CE-G100CE-G150CE, certified by TUV Italia, conforms to the following provisions of the Machinery Directive (98/37 / EC) and national implementing provisions: UNI EN (292-1.292-2), UNI EN 349, UNI EN 418, UNI EN 692, UNI EN 954, UNI EN 1037, UNI EN 1050, UNI EN 1088, UNI EN 60204.

Presses G80CE


8 tons TUV certified.

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Presses G100CE


10 tons TUV certified..

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Pressa G150CE


Certificata TUV da 15 tonnellate

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Features Eccentric electromechanical presses
They are suitable for any mold and allow manual loading directly in the work area also do not use the flywheel system to develop the power but the motor is directed on the reducer that drives the eccentric shaft and the cycle starts every time the bimanual simultaneity command gives the start. This lowers the operating cost of the system, because the engine is always stationary when the press does not work.

The G80CE-G100CE-G150CE Presses have also been designed for simple and quick maintenance, because they are modular and easy to approach. All the movement components (shaft shaft, connecting rod and adjusting screw) and sliding elements (side guides, sliding blocks and slide) are made of materials that guarantee their durability. In addition, the wearing parts are readily available for sale. The electrical system is designed to meet all the requirements of the CE regulations.

It is possible to install a power control system applied with the use of load cells. Customization of the presses on your request. The certified TUV presses, like all the NCP series, are in electro-welded structure and this allows us to dimension light, depth and support surfaces, according to the customer’s needs, without significant cost increases.

Banquets and shelters offer solutions that allow the operator to adjust the molds and load the pieces in a safe and at the same time practical way. It is also available equipment with inverter that allows you to vary the working speed.

Technical data

G80CE G100CE G150CE
Absorbed power 3Kw 4Kw 5,5Kw
Maximum force 400V 400V 400V
Supply 50 Hz. 50Hz. 50Hz.
Variable stroke mm 20,25,30,35,40
Strokes per minute (default) 200/140/93 200/140/93 200/140/93
Variable minute strokes (optional) inverter 84/220 inverter84/220 inverter 84/220
Adjustment of bat 30mm 40mm 50mm
Flat-mace distance 250mm 280mm 280mm
Cavity depth 150/180mm 180/220mm 180/220mm
Passage between the shoulders 250/300mm 250/300mm 300/350mm
Dimensione piano 270×350/320x480mm 320×480/400x550mm 320×480/400x550mm
Flat dimension 39mm 39mm 48mm
Hole on the table a richiesta a richiesta a richiesta
Club surface 80x80mm 100x120mm 146x167mm
Club hole a richiesta a richiesta a richiesta
Weight (standard presses) * 300kg 340kg 620kg
Height* 1200 mm 1250 mm 1800 mm
Width* 500 mm 500 mm 600 mm
Length* 650 mm 660 mm 850 mm
Noise level 71.25dB (A). measured at 0.5 meters distance from
itself and at 1.6 meters above the ground

*Excluding any base.



It is possible to download the use and maintenance manual in PDF format..