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Our presses are designed for implementation in rotary table systems, their versatility is characterized by a lower dead center height of 135.8 mm which allows to house all the mini-applicators equipped with a “T” connection.
In the same machines it is also possible to house the stripper (spela and crimping).
On customer specifications we can arrange our lost for the installation of a mobile pneumatic safety screen, while the electrical equipment allows its use as a pressing module in various types of systems.
On-board electronic equipment with liquid crystal display to set:
normal cycle, two-stroke, pulse gear, reverse gear.

Dati tecnici
KW engine 0,55
Maximum force kN 12 (*)
Fixed stroke mm 40
Weight kg 55
Supply 3×230-400 V 50-60 Hz
Maximum copper cable section mm² 4 (*)
Width mm 350
Length mm 330
Height mm 560

(*) Incrementable values on request.

Some realizations: