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Electromechanical press Eco50 Up to 10 tons.

The Eco50 press, solid and compact, can be used comfortably on a workbench and works with current from 22OV.
Thanks to the typical C-shaped structure with three open sides the loading and unloading of the material, it is possible, on request, to prepare the press to operate from the back of the machine, if the type of material in the plate prevents the frontal position.
Thanks to the use of an oleodynamic cylinder that reaches a power up to 10 tons, pressing can also be performed for those types of machining that require considerable pressure. It is also available in three versions:
with manual pump, foot pump and electronic pump with manual control.


Common technical data ECO press 5


Knee brace force kN 6-8
Hydraulic cylinder force 60-100
Swan neck mm. 140
Die cutting light with mm. 30 +/- 7
Overall dimensions mm. 400x 450
Overall dimensions with hand pump mm.. 550 x 450
Height mm. 750
Nylon strain 250×350
Weight kg. 125