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The new G80CE press is certified by TUV Italia and complies with the provisions of the Machinery Directive (98/37 / EC) and national implementing provisions:
UNI EN (292-1.292-2), UNI EN 349, UNI EN 418, UNI EN 692, UNI EN 954, UNI EN 1037, UNI EN 1050, UNI EN 1088, UNI EN 60204.



Technical data press G80CE


Absorbed power 3Kw
Maximum force 80kN
Supply 400V
Frequency 50 Hz.
Variable stroke mm 20,25,30,35,40
Strokes per minute (default) 200/140/93
Variable minute strokes (optional) inverter 84/220
Adjustment of bat 30mm
Flat-mace distance 250mm
Cavity depth 150/180mm
Passage between the shoulders 250/300mm
Flat dimension 270×350/320x480mm
Flat thickness 39mm
Hole on the table a richiesta
Club surface 80x80mm
Club hole a richiesta
Weight (standard presses) * 300kg
Height* 1200 mm
Width* 500 mm
Length* 650 mm
Noise level 71.25dB (A). measured at 0.5 meters distance from
itself and at 1.6 meters above the ground

* Excluding any base.



It is possible to download the use and maintenance manual in PDF format..


Case history


Case history: troubleshooting

In this section, We take part in our successes by telling you how we have analyzed in a more specific way the characteristics of some projects, finding new technological solutions to improve products and production processes and trying to make it clear what is good or not good of that determined project.

Case history: bearing assembly

Case history: applications

Case history: bearing assembly



Some photos of the G80CE electromechanical press.