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These presses are normally used for small assembly (riveting, crimping, die cutting, cutting, etc.). The wide light between the shoulders and the generously sized bases make it possible to use many types of molds.

The Giani presses are used manually as bench machines controlled by a pedal (on request via two interlocked buttons) and automatically connected to transfer machines. They respond to different and non-standardized needs, with the possibility of & nbsp; automation through rotating or translating tables or continuous feeding .

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NCP 30 press for small die-cuts

Press NCP 30 as a horizontally positioned pressing module with pneumatic feeders.

NCP 30 press: three-prong universal attachments for all types of mini-applicators

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NCP 80 press with rotary table for drilling


Customized application: NCP 20 press as a press module for cutters.