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Quiet paper and cardboard angular cutting machines to cut and round corners of materials such as paper and cardboard, quickly and accurately. Steel blades that are easy to maintain and replace.

The angle machine is normally used for angular cutting (straight or radius), with shaped knives, of sheets mainly produced with material of: paper, cardboard, plastic materials, compounds and derivatives.

The GIANI PRESSE angle machine has an electro-welded steel structure protected with epoxy paint. The oversized geared motor controls an eccentric shaft supported by roller bearings. The angle machine is very silent and is easy to maintain because it is designed with modular criteria.

The braking is electronic with inverter, and the motor in resting phase is stopped. The electronic equipment with microprocessor control is mounted on board the machine. A liquid crystal display allows you to control all operations both during programming and during work. The machine drive is supplied with bi-manual simultaneity control that complies with safety regulations. The support surface is supplied as needed, it can be made of melamine or aluminum. In the aluminum version it is possible to apply registers for the positioning of the product. It is also possible to make two-head angle shafts. The safety of the operator is protected by a safety micro-switch which prevents the machine from starting if the front guard is removed, under which the motion mechanisms are located. In the AGPTS range, the version with speed variator is available, placed on the front of the equipment, in case the characteristics of the material require specific cutting speeds. Our angle units, moreover, are mounted on a base equipped with rear wheels, which facilitate the movement and adjustable in height, to allow the operator to work in the best conditions.


Technical data angolatrici for paper, cardboard and plastic materials


Motor kW 0.75 0.75
work force kN 12 20
run mm 60 (*) 60 (**)
Weight Kg 95 95
Power 230V 380V
Dimensioni mm 1000x900x1350÷1550 1000x900x1350÷1550
*useful Run 30/35 mm

**useful Run 40/45 mm


Some images of our angulators