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Available in two variants: the NCP 80 suitable for any type of mold and the NCP 80M specially designed for seaming.


NCP 80

The NCP 80 is suitable for any type of mold and has a base plate screwed with “T” slots for clamping blocks.
The NCP 30 press features, as standard, a “T” type upper connection and a “three-tooth universal” lower clamping base.
With this type of attachment it is possible to install all types of Mini-applicators. The envisaged electrical equipment allows it to be used as a pressing module in various types of systems.
All the presses are designed for the installation of a pneumatic safety mobile screen. On-board electronic equipment with liquid crystal display to set: normal cycle, two-stroke, jog, reverse gear.

ncp80 modulopressatura

NCP 80M per aggraffatura

Appositamente ideate per l’aggraffatura; le presse NCP 80M di serie dispongono di un attacco superiore di tipo a “T” e di una basetta di staffaggio inferiore di tipo “universale a tre denti”. Con questo tipo di attacco e con una altezza al punto morto inferiore pari a 135,8 mm, la pressetta NCP 80M è in grado di alloggiare tutti i mini-applicatori. È inoltre previsto un supporto per bobine. L’apparecchiatura elettrica delle pressette Giani ne permette l’utilizzo come moduli di pressatura all’interno di vari tipi d’impianto. Inoltre, esse sono fornite con predisposizione per l’istallazione di uno schermo mobile di sicurezza pneumatico. Apparecchiatura elettronica a bordo macchina con schermo a cristalli liquidi per impostare: ciclo normale, in due tempi, marcia ad impulsi, inversione di marcia.

Technical data NCP 80 of 8 tons


NCP 80 NCP 80M
KW engine 3 3
Maximum force kN 80 80
Fixed stroke mm 40 (*) 40 (*)
Variable travels mm 3 pos.
40 – 50 – 60
Weight kg 230 200
Supply 3×230-400 V 50-60 Hz 3×230-400 V 50-60 Hz
Maximum copper cable section mm² 35 35
Width mm 400 290
Length mm 550 460
Height mm 1160 1030

(*) Available different strokes on request (maximum 50 mm)

Some images of the NCP80 8 ton



Case history: troubleshooting

In this section, We take part in our successes by telling you how we have analyzed in a more specific way the characteristics of some projects, finding new technological solutions to improve products and production processes and trying to make it clear what is good or not good of that determined project.

Case history: bearing assembly

Case history: applications

Case history: bearing assembly